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Gumbo YaYa wants you to stand in support of healing and creative expression for African American girls and women.

If you believe in our mission and our work email your name and the organization you represent to ebonygolden@bettysdaughterarts.com to be listed on our community support page!



Gumbo YaYa is a holistic, arts-based program that directly addresses reproductive justice, awareness, and empowerment of African American girls and women.


Established in 2007, Gumbo YaYa utilizes CULTURAL ARTS DIRECT ACTION  or (CADA) comprised of knowledge-sharing, cultural arts, civic action, and grass roots media-making to activate and sustain reproductive justice, awareness, and empowerment of African American girls and women.


To date, Gumbo YaYa has worked with over 100 women and girls from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in New York, North Carolina, and New Orleans. We have staged three community performances, published a zine (online and print) and held one community forum.

We have collaborated with a host of like minded individuals who firmly believe in our mission and our work. We have been funded and supported by New York University- ism project grant, New York University- Department of Multi-cultural Programs, Health Medical Research Foundation, State of the Nation Art and Performance Festival, The Imperial Court of the Daughters of Isis, North Carolina Humanities Council, SpiritHouse, Healing with CAARE, Billings & Martin and several private sponsors.

We have successfully raised over 2,000 for our international initiatives.

Here is what coming up…

Winter 09-10: Gumbo YaYa Cycle 3 Planning phase

Summer 2010: Gumbo YaYa International pilot program

Winter 10-11: Gumbo YaYa Reproductive Justice, Now!

Spring 11: Gumbo YaYa documentary short film screening


Please feel free to share resources with us about grants, funding streams, donations, bartering/freecycling, people doing this work internationally, activities, and more.

What is a Sista Circle?

Sista Circles are African retentions that traveled to the Americas during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  The basic premise is when women gather, phenomenal things happen.  Sista Circles are popular among communities of Black women today where women gather to discuss healing, books, sexuality, financial education, art, organic gardening and much more.  Just google Sister Circles and see how women all over the globe are utilizing the practice for a multitude of reasons!

Noted healers and activists such as Iyanla Vanzant, Queen Afua,  Dr. Denese Shervington, Dr. Billie Jean Pace and others have popularized this method and archived how important Black women-centered spaces are for the health and vitality of Black women, Black communities and abroad.

Sister Circles provide a space for Black women to focus on themselves and focus on desired individual goals around a specific emphasis targeted by the group.


We invite you to take a look around and check back often for updates!  For more information or contact Ebony Noelle Golden at ebonygolden@bettysdaughterarts@.com or join our listserv at www.bettysdaughterarts.com.

Love is Radical-Gumbo YaYa 2009


I am Not a Project- 2007/2008

now, once and again!

now, once and again!